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How Can Chatbots Help Your Business

With the development of AI technologies, chatbots are becoming more useful every day. Chatbots have become the pillar of customer support in numerous companies, but they provide an array of other benefits as well. Did you know that you can use chatbots for lead generation, sales, and raising brand awareness? Here’s how it works.

Lead Generation

The goal of every marketing team is to get qualified leads that a sales team can later turn into customers. Chatbots are one of the latest, revolutionary ways of finding and generating new leads. There are several ways chatbots can be used to acquire leads.

You can embed polls and email opt-ins into your chatbots that will help you generate leads, but also make the whole chatting experience fun for the visitors. You can entice potential clients to participate in a quiz inside a chatbot and then ask for their email address to send them the results. Also, you can use chatbots to suggest content upgrades to potential clients, like eBooks, cheat sheets, checklists and so on, and then ask them to provide you with an email address to deliver these upgrades. The possibilities are endless.

Improving Sales

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Adding a chatbot to your website can help you increase sales by guiding an indecisive client down the funnel to his or her first purchase. Chatbots allow you to get into immediate communication with potential clients as soon as they find your website. As soon as a visitor enters the site, many chatbots will try to initiate a conversation with simple questions, like “how are you” or “how can I help you”.

Many website visitors will see this as a perfect opportunity to ask questions about your company. By providing additional information, the chatbot will both educate your prospective clients about your company and improve your chances of selling your products. Chatbots can answer questions about the availability of products, price, shipping or potential discounts that can convince the visitors to make a purchase.

Reducing Costs of Business

Chatbots can reduce the cost per query from 15 dollars to 1 dollar, which can sum up to a hefty sum at the end of a quarter. Using chatbots in your everyday business will improve the productivity of your workers, which will in turn save you a lot of money. The large majority of customer service inquiries are in fact routine questions, that can be easily answered by chatbots and that don’t require human contact. By using chatbots to answer these inquiries, you’ll be taking the load off your employees who will finally be able to focus on more complex problems and issues.

Better Customer Service

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Today’s tech-savvy customers have shown a preference for instant messaging over phone calls or emails, thus changing the way companies think about customer service. Much like customer service phone agents, chatbots offer an immediate reply to users’ inquiries and complaints, but they retain the feeling of anonymity similar to email correspondence. By allowing the users to frame the questions any way they want, chatbots retain the high level of detail and personalisation required to solve their problems swiftly and easily.

Also, chatbots can be a great tool for educating your customers and helping them navigate your website. Many websites offer guides and answers to frequently asked questions, but finding them can be tricky and time-consuming. Using a chatbot to guide your customers to the desired part of the website can help you save both time and money.

Raising Brand Awareness

Chatbots can efficiently replace email marketing as a way of raising brand awareness and reaching new potential clients. While many promotional emails end up directly in the spam folder, chatbots are much more likely to draw attention to your brand. You can use chatbots for post-purchase follow-ups. Or use the information and emails gathered during a previous chat, to inform potential clients about new offers you think they might be interested in.

Increasing Client Satisfaction

Not only will chatbots save your company time and money, but they are also the best method for improving client satisfaction as well. The studies have shown that over 70% of young adults are satisfied with their chatbots experience. An additional perk of having a chatbot is the fact that they can work 24/7, which means that people can get the answers they need at any time of day and night, the advantage that your clients will undoubtedly know how to appreciate.

Many consider chatbots to be the technology of the future that may replace the customer service desks completely. According to Business Insider, 80% of businesses said that they either already use chatbots or they are planning to use them by 2020. With so many benefits that chatbots provide, it is no wonder that they are gaining popularity worldwide.

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